Ben Jealous and Del. Steve Lafferty Want a Tax Tsunami for Single-Payer Healthcare Scheme

Analysts are reporting that Ben Jealous’ pie-in-the-sky single-payer healthcare plan would cost Maryland $24 Billion dollars — per year.

That is $24 Billion with a “B” per year.

Luke Broadwater reporting from the Baltimore Sun estimates this cost to mean $2,800 in new taxes per year on EVERY Maryland family plus a 10% income tax hike!

Ben Jealous’ plan is bad enough, but Del. Steve Lafferty has been championing this idea for a while now.

He sponsored HB 1516 last year for government run healthcare. It was too extreme even for the MD House of Delegates, at least in an election year.

So do you want to pay $2800 per family member AND 10% of your income to help grow their political machine?

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