Fix the York Road Bottleneck

Towson residents wasting time due to poor planning and leadership.

A billion dollars worth of development in Towson means we need to FIX THE YORK ROAD BOTTLENECK. The public infrastructure needs to keep up with private development.

There is a $100+ million science wing going in at TU. Towson High will undergo a major renovation that will increase its size, and the traffic turning onto Aigburth. Towson Row is a $300 million development a couple blocks north on York Road.  Hundreds of new apartments are planned in downtown Towson.

If there’s one thing that unites Democrats & Republicans, it’s getting caught on behind a bus and a guy turning left on Aigburth from York. York is a state road. Towson U is a state institution. This is a state responsibility.¬†As Delegate, I will fix this problem. This isn’t rocket science, it’s a turn lane that should have been planned years ago.

Unlike many other road improvements, the land acquisition for this project is straightforward and inexpensive. It requires Towson University relinquishing a relatively small piece of its lawn. They recognize this problem. Their employees and students suffer with Towson residents in back-ups.

Towson needs leadership to make sure development works for the people who live here.

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