War Against Baltimore County Videos

Ep 4.  Reform & common sense. Empower people, not central planners. Address the core problem of economic segregation- the systemic failure of schools that drive residents out of “non-opportunity” areas.  Don’t try to reengineer “opportunity” areas like Towson.

Fix problems. Don't spread them.

We need to empower people, not politicians. This machine agenda, giving the City's public housing czars power over Baltimore County, doesn't serve Towson. These people won't begin to fix Baltimore's problems because their malgovernance IS the problem.

Posted by Steve McIntire on Monday, August 6, 2018

Ep 2. A regional quasi-government run by unaccountable ideologues from Baltimore City. They answer to no elected officials whatsoever, but will get $1 billion in tax money to administer 3100 vouchers. The same people who sued County taxpayers, running the largest Section 8 Relocation program in the US with no accountability.

Ep 1. Taxation without representation!  The anti-democratic origins of the largest HUD relocation program in the US- Kamenetz’s collusive settlement to secret litigation.